Zafety Lug Lock

Zafety Lug Lock is the proven safety device for those serious about wheel nut safety
Zafety Lug Lock

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ZAFETY LUG LOCK ® – Wheel Nut Safety System

Used by major fleets worldwide including Australia and New Zealand.

If you are looking for a dependable, simple and cost effective solution to the ever present danger of a
wheel off accident, then look no further.

With over 7 million units installed world wide, internationally patented Zafety Lug Lock® has a proven track record in wheel safety globally including Australia &New Zealand.

Zafety Lug Lock 

  •  A Solution not just an indicator 
  •  Not just any plastic
  •  They Don’t Fall off, Stretch or Melt
  •  They Don’t require special tools
  •  Fast & Easy to install & remove
  •  Save Workshop Time and Money – Do Torque checks without removal
  •  Reusable and Durable resulting in a Low Whole of Life Cost 
  •  The Only wheel safety device to carry a 2 Year Factory Backed Warranty. 
  •  Internationally Patented & Proven
  •  Awarded Canada’s prestigious Ernest C Manning Innovation Award.
  • Sizes available for American, Euro & Japanese Trucks & Buses in a range of standard colours.


Some of our customers include

Veolia uses our Zafety Lug Locks Wheel Nut Indicators
toll ipec uses our Zafety Lug Locks Wheel Nut Indicators
suez uses our Zafety Lug Locks Wheel Nut Indicators

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2020V are proud to be the Australasian Master Distributors Zafety Lug Lock ®, arguably the worlds best wheel nut safety system

Here are 8 good reasons to choose Zafety Lug Lock ®



Zafety Lug Lock ® is a winner of Canada’s prestigious Ernest C Manning award for innovation.



Many wheel nut safety systems rely on continual human involvement requiring frequent inspection of every wheel for potential movement of a pointer on nuts. If this task fails to be performed diligently every day, it may lead to an extremely costly accident or far worse.

Some devices aim to be both an indicator and a lock. Being multi functional often results in a product that does not excel at either function.

Zafety Lug Lock was designed specifically as a Lock, it is not an indicator it is a Lock.  It is a wheel nut locking device that has proven globally to reduce the risk of wheel separation. Zafety Lug Lock ® requires only that wheels and nuts are fitted as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and that torque checks are performed in accordance with standard maintenance and safety practices.

Zafety Lug Lock is a secondary safety device and does not negate the need for standard maintenance and safety procedures.



Quick & Easy:

Zafety Lug Lock is quick & easy to install and removal by hand, no tools are required.


Performance and Durability Tested:

Tested by one of the worlds largest and respected material & product testing companies EXOVA (now ELEMENT).

Zafety Lug Lock units were subjected to stringent 300,000 klm Durability & Performance tests under extremes of vibration and temperature from -40 Deg C to +160 Deg C.


Quality guaranteed:

Zafety Lug Lock ® is manufactured in CANADA in an ISO 2009-2008 facility and is backed by a 2 Year Factory Warranty.



Zafety Lug Lock ® has been proven in the real world heavy transport, mining and public transit operations. Over 6 Million units are now in use throughout Australia, New Zealand , UK, Europe and North America.

You can download test reports and results here:


Low cost:

Do the Maths, Zafety Lug Lock ® can deliver a very low whole of life cost. Many fleets report using the same units for over 5 years. We recognise however that “nothing last forever” so we suggest that you consider replacing units after 5-6 years of service.


Increase Productivity & Fleet Up Time:

The Zafety Lug Lock’s exclusive feature allowing torque checks to be completed without removing & refitting the units can save you hours & hours of mechanics / workshop time year after year. The roll on affect is that your vehicles spend less time off line in the workshop and more time earning money 

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Zafety Lug Lock

2020V are proud to be the Australasian Master Distributors Zafety Lug Lock ®, ARGUABLY the worlds best wheel nut safety system

Zafety Lug Lock Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will units last:

Zafety Lug Lock ® is backed by a 2 Year Factory Warranty for faulty manufacture or material. We do not specify a specific life span for units however real world experience shows that many fleets report using the same units for 5 years plus.

Nothing lasts for ever so we suggest that you consider replacing your Zafety Lug lock ® units every 5 years.

Will Zafety Lug Lock ® fit my truck, trailer & bus:

Zafety Lug Lock is available in a range of sizes to fit around 99% of trucks and buses, 6, 8 and 10 stud wheels.

Will it fit my Ute / Lite vehicles & trailers:

Zafety Lug Lock® is designed to fit a wide range of lite equipment with 6 stud “steel wheels” including Toyota Hi-Lux , LandCruiser, Ford Ranger, ISUZU D-Max, Holden Colorado & Mazda BT50.

Zafety Lug Lock ® is also ideal for lite bobcat and machinery trailers as well as camper and boat trailers etc.(Not suitable for mag /alloy rims or 5 stud wheels).

Do I need any tools to install & remove units:

No , Zafety Lug Lock is very quick and easy to install and remove by hand.

Can I fit Chrome Caps:

Yes, Zafety Lug Lock should be installed over the wheel nuts, then suitable chrome caps can be fitted on top. Most flangeless caps are compatible, Flanged caps will need to have the caps internal Hex section extend to within 3-4mm of the base of the cap to allow it to grip the wheel nut.

Does Zafety Lug Lock ® comply with mining and other industry compliance requirements:

As a general rule industries such as mining, construction and transport require simply that a wheel nut safety device is fitted in which the answer is yes. Many transport companies have now mandated that that device must be Zafety Lug Lock ®

Why choose Zafety Lug Lock ®

The No #1 reason to choose Zafety Lug Lock ® is that it is simple and it works. It will work for you from the day it is installed and will continue working month after month, year after year.

Zafety Lug Lock is arguably the worlds best wheel nut safety system.

Click here for 8 good reasons to choose Zafety Lug Lock

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2020V are proud to be the Australasian Master Distributors Zafety Lug Lock ®, arguably the worlds best wheel nut safety system

The Zafety Lug Lock® Story

Zafety Lug Lock ® is the brain child of Ifor (Taffy) Davies a Canadian engineer that is passionate about safety.

Taffy started with a simple idea. How to keep the wheel nuts from falling off a vehicle. Simple yet ingenious design reduces the risk of wheel loss by securing adjacent wheel nuts together and minimising their ability to rotate.
Zafety Lug Lock® is a wheel nut retainer not just a wheel nut indicator.

Taffy felt that it was important to focus on the largest vehicles first, as the accidents caused are costlier with damage, potential fines, lawsuits and are often tragic with victim injuries and fatalities. Other important considerations were to make the device simple and affordable so that it would be easy to use both in the
shipping and on the road and low cost to make it accessible to all companies/organisations.

Ifor (Taffy) Davies, President of Tafcan Consulting Ltd., is the inventor and manufacturer of Zafety Lug Locks®


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