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Heat Indicator Label
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Hot Wheel Hub Temperature label
Hot Wheel Hub Temperature label

Hot Wheel Indicator Label


  • Hotwheel is a small heat indicating label designed to warn you of a developing wheel end component failure.
  • If a wheel reaches 120 Deg C  Hotwheel will change from White to Orange.
  • Once heat affected Hotwheel will remain Orange and must be replaced after the wheel fault has been rectified.
  • Hotwheel is a low cost maintenance indicator designed to help you save time and money.


    Everyone has seen a caravan, boat or other trailer on the side of the highway jacked up with a wheel off. What started out as a great days fishing, water skiing or a weekend end camping trip has turned into a disaster due to a simple wheel end mechanical problem or tyre blow out.

    Now there is a simple and low cost way to help you avoid the cost, inconvenience and disappointment of a roadside breakdown.

    A worn wheel bearing, faulty breaks and under inflated tyres are common causes of over heating wheels and roadside breakdowns.

    Hotwheel RV is a small heat sensitive label designed to change from white to red if a wheel is running dangerously hot. By checking Hotwheel RV’s colour during your mid trip checks or before you head home Hotwheel RV could alert you to a developing problem allowing you to have it repaired before it becomes a failure.

    Easy to Install; Simply attach Hotwheel RV to each wheel using its 3M self-adhesive backing.

    Fitting Hotwheel does not preclude the need for standard maintenance checks and servicing of wheel end components.

    Suitable for use on all RVs, Caravans & trailers

    We had just picked up our new 19’ off road van and had immediately set off for a long weekend in Bundaberg, Not long after heading north on the Bruce hwy I felt that the van was dragging as if our tow vehicle seemed to be being held back. I stopped at a rest stop and checked the wheel temperature with my hands. 3 of the 4 were luke warm but the 4th was so hot I couldn’t leave my hand on it for more than a couple of seconds.

    Fortunately I had some Hotwheel RV stickers in the glove box, which I hadn’t yet fitted. I stuck the Hotwheel Labels to each wheel and we headed off again stopping about 20 minutes up the road to check again. I checked the wheels and the hot wheel labels and while the problem wheel was still too hot to touch the Hotwheel Label had not begun to change colour.

    Knowing now that while very hot, the wheel was not running dangerously hot so I was confident and I have to say very relieved that I could continue our trip. Later we had the wheels inspected by a dealer who could not find any faults with the brakes or wheel bearings. The dealer put it down to just being new and close tolerances on this brake drum. His diagnoses was born out as although the wheel was still running hot on our return journey it was back to normal by the time we arrived home.

    If I didn’t have Hotwheel Labels on the wheels I would have had to stay at Gympie over the weekend to have it inspected on the Monday. It’s amazing how these things always happen on the weekend when all the workshops are closed.

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