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Heat Indicator Label
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Hot Wheel Hub Temperature label
Hot Wheel Hub Temperature label

Hot Wheel Indicator Label


  • Hotwheel is a small heat indicating label designed to warn you of a developing wheel end component failure.
  • If a wheel reaches 120 Deg C  Hotwheel will change from White to Orange.
  • Once heat affected Hotwheel will remain Orange and must be replaced after the wheel fault has been rectified.
  • Hotwheel is a low cost maintenance indicator designed help you save time and money.


    • Designed and tested specifically for use in the harsh trucking environment.
    • Low cost
    • Easy to Install
    • Assists with Pre, Post and Mid Trip checks.
    • Manufactured with durable materials and backed with 3M self adhesive, Hotwheel is resistant to high heat, oil, pressure washes and truck wash chemicals.
    • Hotwheel could save you the high cost and inconvenience of a roadside breakdown or worse still a wheel fire or accident due to a tyre blow out

    While HOT WHEEL will not indicate every instance of a wheel end component malfunction, it will indicate excess temperature for prolonged periods that could cause decreased function or failure of wheel end components.

    Suitable for use on all trucks, trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles. Available in convenient packs of 6 or 100 with instructions.

    “We run a fleet of 10 Prime Movers and 30 Trailers between Melbourne & Perth. We have been using HOTWHEEL Heat Indicating Labels now for a year and they have saved us from 3 roadside breakdowns.  We can’t afford a breakdown anywhere let alone half way across the Nullabor. Hotwheel is a great money saving device”

    Nathan Godfrey

    Nathan Godfrey Haulage

    Truck Wheel Hub Temperature label
    Hot Wheel Hub Temperature label on Bus

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